Alcohol to be served in pedal tour buses in Birmingham
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Alcohol to be served in pedal tour buses in Birmingham

Birmingham Pedal Tours started with their multi-seat tour bikes in May 2017. The specialized bikes halt at places like bars and breweries across the town to let the tourists have a fun time. Now, these buses have got a green signal from the Birmingham City Council to allow wine and canned beers onboard. Previously, the owners claimed to have lost business because when passengers booked seats, they assumed that they could carry their alcohol. However, when they were not allowed to do so, many would cancel the tours.

Applauding the new move as a big leap in tourism and brewery businesses, Birmingham Pedal Tours co-owner Jason Kobza said that “Our business has suffered cancellations after guests have read through our policies and noticed this restriction. The vast majority of successful pedal pubs across the U.S., most notably Nashville allows this.” However, the drivers will not be allowed to drink.

All the tours start at Good People Brewing or Trim Tab. One good thing is that the cans can be recycled and proceeds will be given to charity. According to the amendment, carrying glass containers is prohibited on board, but, at Uptown, the passengers can possess and consume an alcoholic beverage from an authorized place for off-premise alcohol sales. Additionally, none of the alcoholic beverages can be sold on the buses until the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board grants them the license.

Tips on cutting down alcohol intake

Given the humongous risks associated with alcohol consumption, one should abstain from it totally. Even moderate drinking has an impact on the heart rate and brain. To begin with, one can adopt self-help strategies to cut down the consumption.

  • Keeping track and setting goals: Keeping a track of the number of drinks one consumes through a pocket diary, mobile notepad or calendar marking can help one reflect upon the extent of intake. One can set a goal of not taking more than two drinks a week and then taper off gradually.
  • Avoiding triggers: If certain places or people trigger a sour memory or an impulse to reach out for a drink, one should be prepared in advance with a coping mechanism, such as avoidance of such instances, and turn to friends or family for support.
  • Visiting alcohol-free bars: One can also visit bars where alcohol is not served. These are the best places for networking and socializing as people visiting these bars share the same goal of staying at an arm’s length from excessive indulgence.
  • Reaching out for help: If none of the self-help strategies work, then one must contemplate visiting an addiction specialist who can help a person achieve sobriety goals and lead a healthy life.

Addiction to alcohol can ruin life

It is essential to recognize that what starts as an inquisitiveness can soon develop into a dependence and advance to a worse level. Even occasional drinking can spell doom for the person and his or her loved ones. Once an addiction develops, it can rob a person of his or her physical and psychological health, relationships, finances, social life, career and so much more.

Alcohol can provide a momentary escape from stress but ironically, it increases the problems later. Quitting alcohol necessitates a strong willpower and a good support system, which can be provided by reputed rehab centers.

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