What are the biggest misconceptions about recreational drugs?
May 31, 2017

Drugs have become a leading cause of urgent psychiatric care and debilitating health. They are the biggest trigger for underlying psychiatric illness in today’s time especially because people who consume drugs are either oblivious of the facts related to drug abuse or tend to ignore what’s known as they believe to have full control on consumption of their choice of drugs and can stop it whenever they want. Here are a few misconceptions about recreational drugs that are commonly heard when addiction experts treat patients who have developed addiction toward drugs:

  1. Drug addiction is a choice and one can easily abstain from it.
  2. People can quit addiction whenever they want, there is no treatment needed for it.
  3. Drug addiction is a serious challenge than alcohol abuse.
  4. Weed is not bad for anyone, especially because it has been legalized in multiple states.
  5. Mixing drugs with alcohol or other substances are not dangerous.
  6. One can use legal drugs as they desire because they are safer than the illegal ones.
  7. Man-made drugs are riskier to use as compared to the natural ones.
  8. Drug addicts look or act in a certain way, and hence can be identified easily.
  9. Short-term treatments can yield complete recovery the way comprehensive treatments can.
  10. A relapse means that there is no hope for complete recovery ever.

As one can see, all of the above misconceptions are equally baseless, and can put a person’s life at risk, which can sometimes even be lethal.