I want to quit using alcohol, but I’m not sure how. What should I do?
May 31, 2017

Addiction to alcohol, drug or any illicit substance is not an overnight phenomenon. So, the first thing that you should remember while wanting to quit is the fact that even recovery is equally time-taking; hence, you will have to plan it patiently and not give up even when it may look impossible.

Talking about how you can quit alcohol, here are a few useful tips:

  • Consult a doctor who can educate you about the withdrawal symptoms and can recommend you a detox plan.
  • Decide a reasonable date to quit in your mind and work backward toward it so that you stay firm about your decision.
  • Keep all alcohol related things or items at bay and avoid hanging out too much with people who have been your drink buddies.
  • Go about the quitting plan stepwise. Do not completely stop it immediately but if at all you drink, try having it after food.
  • Make water your substitute and drink it fondly so that you stay hydrated and full.
  • Carry a “sober diary” with yourself with reasons to quit written in it. Whenever you feel like giving up, just read it. Also, write down your feelings in it when you sense a craving.
  • Reward yourself with every passing day or week till your pre-decided date of quitting arrives.
  • Stay engaged in activities of your choice like a fitness regime, walking, listening to music, reading, meditation and more.
  • Be in touch with a loved one and seek support when you feel like giving up.
  • Report any unusual signs or thoughts to an expert who can guide you further.

Remember, seeking professional help is a sign of strength. So, do not hesitate to avail it as and when the need arises. At the end, what will matter will be your recovery, and nothing should act as an obstacle to it come what may. Moreover, a holistic treatment program that includes detox, medications, psychotherapies and aftercare ensures a sustainable recovery process.

If you have any further concerns for which you need guidance, we encourage you to either post them via this platform or discuss them with our team of experts. Feel free to share your contact details and we will connect with you soon. All the best! And, if you want to try some healthy drinks that can substitute alcohol, read Healthy drink swaps for alcohol.