Swedish fitness model Jelly Devote on life after giving up alcohol
Positive Vibes May 10, 2018
Swedish fitness model Jelly Devote on life after giving up alcohol

At around 20 years of age, Instagram star Jelly Devote probably weighed around 75 kg, had an unhealthy lifestyle, was a heavy drinker and hated herself. Seven years later, Devote is a transformed woman – she has given up processed foods and parties, shed weight and exercised her way to a better self. From drinking thrice a week she has moved to a glass or two of wine or champagne every other week. She eats nutritious meals, exercises regularly and has overcome all her cravings.

What led to Devote’s exceptional journey was an unflattering photo followed by weight gain comments from her grandmother. That was the time she decided to change for better. She realized that “It’s simply impossible to have a healthy body and mind with that much consumption of alcohol.” Soon, she began working out at home and lost a couple of pounds in the first few weeks. Gradually, she replaced alcohol with water and reiterates that she has never felt better.

In addition to being a risk factor for weight gain, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a host of negative health effects, requiring one to take professional alcohol recovery help from good alcohol addiction recovery centers.

From self-hate to self-love

Devote, now 27, also changed her diet plan. From eating three large meals a day, she started taking mini meals consisting of green veggies, protein and essential fats. Her efforts soon paid off when in four months she lost nearly 30 pounds. She no longer keeps track of her weight, works out five times a week and continues to drink moderately. According to the fitness blogger who now spends most of her time traveling, she has achieved a balance in life. Though regular exercise and healthy eating played an important role in Devote’s transformation, controlling drinking habit was the most effective one. The change she experienced was dramatic.

The model now wants to help others. On her Instagram account, the blogger recently shared her before and after photographs titled “alcohol” and “water”. The post has received over 13,000 likes so far and one can see the visible transformation that the blogger has undergone after limiting her alcohol intake. Her physical metamorphosis has changed her mindset too. She now loves herself and is in better control of what she does.

On Instagram, the blogger keeps asking people to prioritize mental health in order to feel healthy from inside. In one of her posts, Devote said how she no longer cares about what other people think about her or how she looks. She is enjoying her life to the fullest.

Research has proved that even moderate drinking is bound to have negative health consequences. It’s never too easy to overcome cravings but with professional support, it is possible. The earliest one recognizes the warning signs, the sooner the problem can be curtailed.

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