Rapper catapults mom’s drug addiction into an online craze
Positive Vibes Aug 29, 2017
Rapper catapults mom’s drug addiction into an online craze

A budding rapper’s song about his mother’s addiction and her subsequent recovery has gone viral on the internet and has become an inspiring tale for others. Young rapper Mark Henriquez took solace in music and used it as a coping mechanism to deal with his mother’s addiction. He took to Facebook and YouTube to reach out to people with his awe-inspiring lyrics that was gradually picked up by other members of the industry.

In his song “All for You (My Mom’s Addiction Story),” Henriquez, who is also known by stage name “Gremlin,” portrays his love for his mom, showing how disgruntled he was with her addiction. When children do drugs, it becomes difficult for parents to accept. Similarly, children also find it hard to cope when parents become dependent on drugs and other substances.

Video song depicts their ordeal

The viral song, which has garnered a lot of support from viewers, shows the struggle of the mother-son duo, during Henriquez’s growing up years. His mother, 46-year-old Ruby Lanz, is also in the video and states that she has been sober for the last 12 years. There was a time when Henriquez had to live with his grandmother because his mother was grappling with meth addiction. The song captured all of these in a beautiful way and people have loved every bit of it.

The lyrics of the song were so good that people easily identify themselves with them. “Just a kid who didn’t want to feel depressed but momma I was still a mess, and you were still missed to death but I couldn’t see my mom like that,” he sang in rap. “I hang up she call right back, everybody has their mom and God I just want mine back.” So far, the song has received over 6 million views ever since Henriquez posted it in May 2017. His mother is also slated to join him in live stage shows. In a couple of weeks, when Henriquez would perform at a women’s correctional facility in Bakersfield, Lanz will join him onstage.

The song is all about addiction and subsequent fallouts. It also extols recovery and sends a positive message to the people. Since his mother has been successful in overcoming a debilitating addiction, the song instills hope in millions of people who are going through the same predicament in their lives. Lanz lost everything she had due to her addiction, including her job and her respect in front of her kids. Yet, the relationship didn’t change between the mother and the son. Recovery made a huge difference in their lives.

Dealing with addiction

Despite being a malady, which has the potential to wreck people’s lives, addiction is manageable with timely intervention. Just as Henriquez saw his mother quell her addiction and move towards sobriety, anyone can overcome any sort of addiction and realign to the mainstream.

However, seeking treatment at the earliest is indispensable. If you have a loved one struggling with an addiction, seek immediate help.

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