3 latest drug abuse trends among teenagers
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3 latest drug abuse trends among teenagers

Traversing through teenage years is tough and challenging. It’s a time marked by emotional ups and downs, hormonal changes and social pressures. The teens acquire a sense of freedom and tend to become secretive, adamant and rebellious. This is also the time when they become more experimental and could develop a curiosity for dangerous substances.

Often, parents become strict and reprimand their children in order to dissuade them from using drugs or other harmful substances. But this may not work all the time. A little bit of awareness on the part of parents can help them identify symptoms of drug abuse and mitigate the risk of dependence or addiction before it gets too late.

Like the ever-changing trends in fashion and music industry, the drug abuse methods used by teenagers keep on evolving. Some of the latest thechniques are:

  • Vaping, which implies inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or a similar device. The device is not only used by teens to smoke tobacco but also for other illicit substances like marijuana.
  • Household products, such as spray paint, nail polish remover, shoe polish, dusting products and paint thinner, have a high potential of abuse. Readily available in one’s home, these products pose severe dangers to a teen’s health.
  • Smoking alcohol by vaporizing the alcoholic beverage in order to inhale the fumes can give the teens the desired high.

Drug abuse in any form is dangerous. Parents and families need to be aware of their children’s changing behavior and habits and should initiate a conversation with the teen if they notice anything wrong. Teenagers, on the other hand, must realize that an occasional high does not make life more pleasant or happy. There are better ways to fight life stressors like pursuing a hobby, meeting a friend, writing a journal or making yoga or physical exercise a part of daily routine.

If you know someone addicted to any drug, do advise them to seek medical assistance immediately.