Things you learn once you quit alcohol
Addiction Alcohol Jan 07, 2019
Things you learn once you quit alcohol

Drinking alcohol is ingrained in the American culture. People would usually sit down to enjoy a glass of wine after a hectic day at work or want to have a chilled beer or two over the weekend. For some people, consuming alcohol is about getting drunk. Alcohol is present at reunions, prom nights, weddings, dating scenes and almost everywhere one looks. People have a hard time planning or having a good time sans alcohol.

Alcohol consumption has a lot of disadvantages. It causes drunk driving, accidents, violence, unsafe sexual practices, relationship strain and even financial hiccups. Moreover, it can cause cognitive decline, cardiac complications, liver disorders and even deadly cancers. One must realize that one can have a good time even without raising a toast. Therefore, if one is unable to control their alcohol consumption, they must seek professional help.

Quitting drinking helps one realize many things. Some of these are:

  1. People ask weird questions – Other people find it hard to wrap their heads around the lifestyles of sober people. They often wonder, and do not shy away from asking, some weird questions like: How do you unwind? What do you do during the weekends? What do you do when other people are drinking? Do you do weed or cocaine if not alcohol? What do you do during the holidays? However awkward these questions might be, there must have been a time, when an individual addicted to alcohol would have wondered the same about sober people. Therefore, it is important to realize that alcohol doesn’t need to be an indispensable part of one’s existence. One can survive and even thrive without a drink.
  2. Dating without alcohol is possible – Dating is not about bar hopping and drinking till midnight. It is about spending quality time together to understand each other. A couple can get to know each other better when they are sober throughout the date. They can visit parks, zoo, museums, art galleries, gaming parlors, go on a short trip, attend concerts and do so much more. These activities help one relax and offer an opportunity to learn about the other person’s likes and dislikes.
  3. Better sleep quality – Alcohol helps one fall asleep, however, the sleep quality is poor and one tends to wake up every now and then. Besides, upon waking up in the morning, one still feels groggy and unproductive. When one quits alcohol, they have better sleep quality and they wake up refreshed and invigorated.
  4. You save money – Drinking too often can take a toll on one’s finances. Spending a few dollars on a drink a few days per week per month can add up to many dollars. Therefore, when one quits drinking, they save money which can be used for investments, buying something useful, or taking a trip, among others.
  5. Sex is fulfilling – Some people are very conscious about their sex life. They get anxious about the way they appear or the way they behave during an intimate session. In an attempt to suppress their nervousness, they tend to have a drink or two. However, alcohol doesn’t help one enjoy sex fully. Without its help, one can establish a strong emotional connect with the partner and relish a fulfilling and satisfying experience.

Apart from the above,alcohol is bad for one’s physical appearance also. It has a lot of calories, so when one gives up drinking, they actually lose weight. Additionally, alcohol is dehydrating, making one’s skin appear dry. Quitting alcohol makes the skin even toned and radiant. Further, without the aid of alcohol, one performs better at school and work.

Deciding to quit alcohol use is an act of immense bravado, however, not everyone can achieve this goal alone. Sometimes, one needs professional help and it is best to reach out for it as soon as possible.

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