About Us

At HookedSober, when we say “Us,” we mean it differently. Our team comprises YOU irrespective of whether you are a medical professional who keeps an eye on our site to know what’s trending, an avid reader who enjoys utilizing the available information, or someone who has come to us to seek guidance or support about issues related to mental health illnesses, substance abuse or both.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a dent in the stigma associated with mental health and addiction by connecting the sufferers and their loved ones with the latest information and inspiring stories of people who fought their problems and recovered from alcohol or drug addiction, personality disorders, anxiety, depression and related issues.

We know it is possible because we are a group of sobers who have been hooked. Yes, we are a bunch of people who have either emerged successful from our battle against addiction or have seen a loved one do so.

What You Find Here

HookedSober is your one-stop destination for:

News flash – Want to stay updated about mental health or addiction-related news that’s doing the rounds? The Breaking News section is there to take you through the latest.

Knowledge corner – The section What’s Trending offers in-depth resources related to substances of abuse, recovery from addiction and mental health.

Power of positivity – The section Positive Vibes is there to take care of your daily dose of positivity, injecting your life with verve and zest.

Inspiring success stories – If you are looking for inspiration in the midst of your own battles, then Sober Tales is there to give a morale boost. Change naturally sets in as you read the “Yes, I did it” stories, selected carefully from the experiences of those who achieved recovery.

Experts speak – It may not matter to many what common people say. But when the doyens say something, it’s bound to have an impact. Their Opinion certainly matters.

There is much more to explore and learn…

What Keeps Us Going

While Team HookedSober works with a common belief that recovery is possible in all cases, support from people like you who keep sending their feedbacks keep us going.

This helps us stay charged and upbeat as we continue with our mission. After all, the true meaning of life lies in helping others and making their lives more meaningful.

How To Contribute

This is a great place if you’re interested in writing on issues related to mental health illnesses, substance abuse or both. It could be on trending topics, opinion pieces, informational articles, timely news topics or white papers.

We accept original submissions from professional writers meeting the following guidelines:

  • Length of the writeup should be 500 words or more.
  • The topics should be related to substance abuse, behavioral health, or both.
  • The article should not be self-promotional.
  • It should be accompanied by a brief bio in around 50 words.
  • There should be proper references as needed.
  • Wait 10 days after publishing on HookedSober.com before posting on any other site.

Please email your writeup to [email protected] and include the word “Submission” in the subject line. The articles submitted are subject to change by the editor.

There are other ways also how you can contribute. You can share the articles that you like with your friends, family members, colleagues or acquaintances to spread awareness about hazards of substance abuse, mental problems, stigmas, and most importantly, the need to seek treatment. You can also send a query to us at [email protected].