Purest form of cocaine on streets of Britain increasing ER visits
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Purest form of cocaine on streets of Britain increasing ER visits

Britain is fast emerging as the largest hub of cocaine consumption, with the purest form of the drug hitting the market at competitive prices. The average drug purity now stands at 54 percent with dealers on the dark web bragging about 90 percent purity. “It’s the highest level of purity in decades,” said Tony Saggers, former head of drugs threat at the National Crime Agency. Since the wholesale prices have slashed, there is no need to adulterate it.

According to experts, the prices are likely to drop further, as Albanian organized criminal gangs are competing e or customers. According to Saggers, competition in the market is further contributing to a drop in price with a wholesale kilogram of the drug costing around £30,000 a kg instead of £50,000. A past study by the University of Surrey had revealed that one in every 10 non-users had traces of either heroin or cocaine on their fingertips, indicating the level of damage the drugs are causing.

Greater the purity, higher the fatalities

While the purity of the drug is being seen as a boon by its users, there is a greater likelihood of more cocaine-related fatalities as higher purity levels are more likely to cause problems. Britain has also witnessed a parallel increase in hospital admissions for cocaine-related illnesses. Given the drug’s ability to affect key areas of the brain, in case of addiction, it is advisable to seek rehab at professional addiction treatment facilities where the treatment may include 12 step program for drug addiction treatment.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the past four years have seen a two-time increase in deaths from cocaine in England and Wales, with 371 fatalities in 2016 compared to 139 in 2012. There has been a simultaneous increase in hospital admissions for cocaine-related disorders. According to statistics on drug misuse by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSIC), in 2016-17, more than 12,000 people were admitted to hospitals for cocaine-related disorders.

According to Dr. Adam R. Winstock from the Global Drug Survey (GDS) team, the number of cocaine users seeking emergency medical treatment has doubled in the U.K. He said that such people often end up in the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department with complaints of anxiety, panic and chest pain. And this is not the end of the road. Cocaine users are also being enticed by creative marketing plots for freebies and loyalty cards to get them stay with one dealer. For instance, cocaine dealers in London are handing out coffee-shop style loyalty cards to their users.

Cocaine has a high potential for abuse due to its euphoria-generating properties. It’s a powerful stimulant that leaves the user asking for more. In addition to causing several short-term and long-term effects, cocaine use can also result in severe medical complications, such as permanent damage to blood vessels, respiratory failure, kidney and lung damage, and even death.

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