In a first, Canadian brewing company plans to manufacture cannabis-infused beverages
What’s Trending May 29, 2018
In a first, Canadian brewing company plans to manufacture cannabis-infused beverages

The growing popularity of marijuana in the United States seems to have inspired brewing companies to come out with their own very own version of marijuana-infused beer. These breweries, instead of brewing alcohol-based beer, are infusing beer with marijuana in a way that it mimics the intoxicating effects of traditional beers. Black Hammer Brewing in San Francisco, Dude’s Brews in Colorado and CERIA Beverages in Colorado spurred attention nationwide for offering cannabis-infused beverages to its consumers. But of late, the state and the federal governments seem to be far less amused and have stopped many such companies from making and selling such products.

While the U.S. is taking steps to rein in the production of cannabis-infused beverage, Canada is soon to get its first manufacturer of cannabis-infused beer. Dooma Wendschuh, the CEO of ‘Province Brands of Canada’ during his presentation on cannabis opportunities for brewers at the Canadian Brewing Awards and Conference in Halifax said that the Ontario-based company is working toward developing a beer brewed from cannabis. The idea behind this endeavor is to create an alternative to alcohol that can offer an experience similar to that of alcohol. Currently, the company is working on two different cannabis-based products – a non-alcoholic beer made from barley and infused with cannabis oil, while the other one is an entirely cannabis-based product prepared from a completely new brewing technology.

Wendschuh, who left a successful video game writing company to start his own venture, said that some of the most memorable moments in his life involved a psychoactive substance of some kind. Revealing that alcohol helped him cope with many uncomfortable situations in life, he also agreed to the dangers associated with its use. “I would love for there to be a product which could give a lot of those benefits without so many of the harms,” he said.

Close monitoring of cross-border deals necessary

It is important to understand that the dangers of cannabis or marijuana-based products do not get mitigated just because it is made available in other forms. Even though the company is based in Canada, it is undoubtedly a threat to the U.S. population as it might make the Americans consider it to be a safe alternative to alcohol.

Knowing that the dangers associated with marijuana and alcohol abuse can be life-threatening, it is important to closely monitor their availability so that the risk of abuse can be controlled. In case, someone is already addicted to alcohol or marijuana, he/she must seek immediate assistance from an expert available at one of the best addiction rehab facilities. Doing so will help in attaining recovery and leading a healthy life.