High on crack cocaine, dog kills owner in front of BBC camera crew
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High on crack cocaine, dog kills owner in front of BBC camera crew

Under the influence of crack cocaine, a Staffordshire bull terrier named Major recently attacked its owner in his North London flat, media reports said. After participating in a BBC documentary on illegal drugs, 41-year-old Mario Perivoitos consumed a certain amount of cocaine before he fell sick. According to witnesses, Perivoitos experienced a few bouts of epilepsy which prompted his dog to bite him on the face and neck. The film crew rushed to his rescue and called for an ambulance while attempting to free him from the clutches of the dog.

According to detective chief inspector Luke Marks, the dog had probably consumed cocaine, which was responsible for its ghastly behavior that landed its owner in a trauma hospital for serious injuries. Later that night, Perivoitos succumbed to injuries in the hospital. Authorities took the dog to a secure police storage facility and was due to be terminated.

Experts in veterinary toxicology said that the dog’s urine samples contained high levels of cocaine and morphine. According to authorities, Major was high on drugs, approximately eight times the human drug limit. Pathologists, who examined the victim’s body, observed a crushed wind pipe and heavy injuries to the neck and face. Moreover, the coroner reports clearly stated the injuries received from a dog as the cause of Perivoitos’ death.

Crack cocaine is a dangerous drug

The powdery crystal form of cocaine is popularly known as crack cocaine. Users generally heat and smoke the crystals. It gets the name crack because the crystals create a cracking sound when heated. Experts say crack cocaine is the purest and most potent form of the drug, which is capable of causing a deadly high. Crack users claim to experience an intense and immediate high because the drug hits the brain rapidly. Though the high from the drug is said to last about 15 minutes, it is highly addictive compelling the user to seek another round of the same high. Research says that even first-time users are vulnerable to addiction. While cocaine is often seen as a rich man’s drug because of its high price, crack, on the other hand, is pretty affordable.

Besides the general health hazards associated with cocaine use, people with crack addiction are prone to chronic respiratory problems, breathlessness and damage of respiratory organs. Further, prolonged use of the drug damages vital organs such as kidneys, heart and liver, making users susceptible to a variety of infections.

In no time, crack users get trapped in a vicious cycle of abuse and addiction. However, addiction to harmful drugs like crack can be treated with timely medical intervention. If a person is battling an addiction to cocaine or any other substance, he/she should immediately seek professional help from a reputed mental health care provider.

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