Did Kanye West just say he’s suffering from opioid addiction?
What’s Trending Apr 26, 2018
Did Kanye West just say he’s suffering from opioid addiction?

Rapper Kanye West is in news again for a number of recent odd incidents, like his newfound love for President Donald Trump, ranting and bizarre behavior during a radio session, and the recent parting with his manager Scooter Braun. Given his recent hospitalization for extreme paranoia during his tour in 2016, many in the rapper’s inner circle are concerned about his mental health.

On Apr. 24, 2018, Hot 97 host Ebro Darden claimed on his show “Ebro in the Morning” that West, during a weekend conversation, revealed that at the time of his breakdown in 2016 he was suffering from opioid addiction. He further complained how he was allegedly abandoned by his friends during such a crucial stage of his life. In response to the rapper’s allegations, he went on to say that he personally knew people (like Pusha T and his former manager Braun) who tried to reach West. In the wake of his recent pro-Trump tweets, the rapper also made it clear that he still loved President Trump. Shockingly, West called in to Darden’s radio show next day and only said “I love you” repeatedly.

With a lot of his public comments not making any sense, people who know West closely suspect that he might be suffering from some mental illness. Hailed for his revolutionary and pathbreaking songs, his recent views are being criticized as narrow and not as per the principles of the hip-hop community. Whether opioid addiction or mental illness, fans and friends are getting inquisitive about the root cause behind West’s bizarre behavior.

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What had happened?

In Nov. 2016, following a period of bizarre behavior and outbursts, West was admitted to UCLA Medical Center, resulting in the abrupt cancellation of his Saint Pablo tour. Sources close to him had explained that the reason for West’s hospitalization was a combination of excessive stress, exhaustion and lack of sleep. At the time, the rapper was diagnosed with an acute mental illness that he reportedly used in his defense in his lawsuit with the Lloyd’s of London, the insurer backing his Saint Pablo tour.

Though reports at the time claimed that West was hospitalized due to exhaustion and sleep deprivation, this is the first time that opioid addiction has been mentioned as a reason for the rapper’s alleged breakdown. The rapper has not spoken publicly about his so-called addiction. However, if he is going through it, right treatment is the only way out.

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