Cocaine pilgrimage: Pablo Escobar’s grave gets popular with tourists to snort drug
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Cocaine pilgrimage: Pablo Escobar’s grave gets popular with tourists to snort drug

How do you pay obeisance to, say, a late war hero? Probably you visit his memorial, salute in respect, pray for peace for the departed soul, or may even lay a wreath. And what would you do when you are at the grave of a drug lord? You snort drugs! That’s what many tourists visiting Pablo Escobar’s grave in Itagui, Colombia are doing these days.

Long after his death, the King of Cocaine – that’s how Escobar was notorious as – is still ensuring that his admirers remain hooked on the deadly drug. After all, the Colombian narco-terrorist used to feed nearly 80 percent of the U.S. cocaine supply until he ruled the massive drug empire. Pictures of tourists doing drugs at Escobar’s grave have been circulating on social media.

As per a media report, an Australian tourist can be seen snorting cocaine at the grave. The man, who used word “pilgrimage” to describe the mausoleum, shared his picture printed on a canvas doing drugs on a social media site. The picture, arranged by his girlfriend, received hundreds of likes online as friends said that the picture was “amazing,” and commented that “they weren’t the same lines as Pablo’s.” Some said that they considered him their idol.

In another video that went viral, a British tourist can be seen kneeling down near the grave to tip the white powder from a bag, rolling up a $5 note and then bending down to snort the substance. He looks up and smiles, saying, “I’m Gordon Ramsay mate,” referring to the celebrity chef’s 2017 documentary on cocaine. This video is known to have inspired two other American tourists who did the same and shared their video online.

Cocaine abuse at graveyard irks Colombians

The trend of abusing cocaine at Escobar’s grave is not new. U.S. rapper Wiz Khalifa had created a controversy earlier by visiting the grave and later posting his photo with flowers and a marijuana joint at the burial place. His action was considered extremely disgraceful by many. In fact, Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez had said that Khalifa should be apologetic for his action and that it advocates crime. He also said that instead of visiting Escobar’s grave, the rapper should have actually visited those who were killed by the drug criminal.

The web television series titled “Narcos” is being said by many to have inspired this trend of cocaine abuse at the grave. The American crime drama that has been filmed in Colombia is based on the life of Escobar – how he became a billionaire by distributing cocaine and the way he interacted with other drug lords, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents and other agencies.

Cocaine abuse does not benefit health

Cocaine happened to be the biggest killer in the U.S. till recently, until it was replaced by heroin and prescription opioids over the last few years. After a brief lull, it’s returning as a killer narcotic, dominating the illegal drug business once again.

Abusing cocaine is dangerous, especially when a person develops an uncontrollable urge to abuse the substance. Although it may give some pleasant effects initially, its continued use leads to devastating effects on mental and physical health. So the drug must be avoided at any cost. And if one gets addicted to it, he/she must seek medical intervention immediately.

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