World’s fittest vegan and podcast host Rich Roll shares his story of recovery from alcoholism
Sober Tales Apr 16, 2018
World’s fittest vegan and podcast host Rich Roll shares his story of recovery from alcoholism

Bestselling author, podcast host, world’s fittest vegan and an ultra-endurance athlete, Rich Roll’s journey of health and wellness hasn’t been an easy one. With over 140,000 followers on Instagram, Roll was an altogether different person a decade ago. In the latest episode of the mindbodygreen podcast, he disclosed his struggles with alcoholism, drunk-driving offenses and demands of corporate life, and existential crisis that hit him hard in the 40s.

Roll is revered for his staunch athleticism and blatant honesty. He shared how he got out of a highly competitive and lucrative career of being a lawyer and dared to pursue his dreams, risking his way to bankruptcy. But without family support, it wasn’t possible.

At the age of 40, Roll was out of shape and nearly collapsed once climbing a flight of stairs. He took that as a wake-up call and transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle. In order to improve his endurance levels, he set out to participate in an Ultramarathon. Within two years, he completed a 320-mile endurance event and finished in the first ten. After that, he decided to quit his well-paid job and wrote his hugely popular book, “Finding Ultra”. However, writing wasn’t his calling and he struggled to make his ends meet. During one of the podcasts, he recalled how he and his family had a hard time even affording the waste disposal service of the town they lived in. Roll got so dejected that in a moment of desperation, he started a podcast and since then, there has been no looking back.

Life after addiction – Of hope and happiness

His podcast opened floodgates to opportunities for him. People who got influenced by his book started reaching out to him. Those who got inspired by his motivational talks wanted to gain more knowledge from him. Through all this, Roll discovered that living an honest life was the least he could do to make a difference in the world. With positive thinking, adherence to nutritional diet and extensive training, he has become a different man. According to him, in the age of sprawling social media channels, one has to be good at storytelling and be familiar with one’s own story to connect with the masses. He continues to inspire people in staying healthy and happy. “I want to be of service to people who are disconnected, who feel trapped or powerless,” he said.

In a recent podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias, Roll also talked about the dangerous practice of food tribalism, how food entrepreneurs can build their individuality and be heard, and how food can be used to influence the overall health of people without affecting the environment.

At a young age, it’s easier to get swayed by new life experiences. Financial independence, new friends and work pressure can culminate in drinking sessions at a bar. With time, a person might get addicted and find no way to come out of it. That is the time one should consider seeking holistic alcohol addiction programs at certified alcohol abuse rehabilitation centers that can help put life back on track.

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