Darkness behind the laughter: Russel Brand writes about his addictions in new book
Sober Tales Oct 04, 2017
Darkness behind the laughter: Russel Brand writes about his addictions in new book

Comedian Russel Brand struggled with addictions and childhood abuse, a fact very few know. However, the man responsible for having people in splits has decided to open up about his dark life in his book “Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions.” He wrote that he learnt many constructive things during recovery which has helped him stay sober for 14 years. He said that he penned the book to help millions of people struggling with addictions.

“Because I had the ‘gift of desperation’ because I had f—ed my life up so royally, I had no option but to seek and accept help,” the 42-year-old comedian wrote in his book that released in October 2017.

12-step program steered him toward sobriety

While talking to the People, Brand extolled recovery programs similar to the ones used by Alcoholics Anonymous. In the book, he has presented his own version of the 12-step program that eventually helped him enter the world of sobriety.

He is keen on helping others stay away from addiction. Though it is never easy for a celebrity to open up and discuss his or her negative traits, Brand does a great job by chalking out a clear path to recovery. The book is undeniably a must-read for people struggling with substance abuse and those associated with such people.

Brand was dependent on a host of substances, including heroin, alcohol, crack, pornography, etc. As a child, he also suffered from bulimia and was addicted to chocolates. However, he has been abstaining from alcohol and other addictive drugs for close to one-and-a-half decade now. His memoirs will surely inspire others to lead a life free from drugs and alcohol and let them know that it is possible to stay sober.

However, recovering from so many addictions was not a cakewalk for him. “It don’t feel very easy for me to be alive. It continues to not be very easy to me,” he said at the book launch. Recovery from an addiction needs tenacity and steely resolve. His detailed depiction of the 12-step would surely help people in recovery or those who want to quit drugs and alcohol. They can act as great motivators to stay the path.

Addictions harm people in every aspect

People battling addictions struggle with various issues in life, ranging from social standing to strained relationships with family and close friends. Brand himself was a victim of such problems. His relationship with his parents and different partners suffered due to his addiction problems.

They not only affect one’s health but professional life as well. Nothing good ever comes out of a life of addiction to illicit substances other than pain, loss and irreversible damage to health.

Recovery is possible

Addiction is a scourge that can wipe out an individual completely, but there is hope in intervention. People need to learn from celebrities like Brand and need to internalize the fact that it is not difficult to give up an addiction. With timely treatment, anybody can overcome an addiction. If you have a loved one grappling with an addiction, seek immediate help from any credible rehab center and expedite the journey toward sobriety.

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