International Women’s Day: Minnesota named best state to live in for women
Mental Health Positivity Recovery Mar 08, 2018
International Women’s Day: Minnesota named best state to live in for women

Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like in the game of chess–the queen protects the king — Anonymous

Women play an important role in the society today. They are contributing in all the spheres of life, be it in astronomy, sports, politics or others. They have achieved a lot and yet have a lot more to do. Despite all these, are women safe these days? A raging topic across the globe, women, in many parts of the world, are unsafe and are in chains today. Even the United States is no different – in some parts of the country, women feel oppressed even today.

Minnesota best state to live for women

A recent survey, trying to find the best and worst states for women in the U.S., concluded that Minnesota topped the list in providing safety to women; while states like Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi were the worst. The survey considered multiple criteria to determine which U.S. states were the most favorable for women—in terms of employment, suicide rates, and baby-friendliness.

The findings revealed that states in New England and the Midwest proved to be women-friendly, providing better quality of life . The southern states fared the worst. WalletHub, the organization that conducted the survey, determined the results after examining factors like the economic and social well-being of the women, health care, and safety quotient. There was a point for every parameter like median earnings, job security, unemployment, poverty rate and the affordability to visit a doctor.

Minnesota also fared well in other parameters like rates of high school graduation for women, friendliness towards working mothers, number of women-owned businesses, empathy towards women’s equality, and the number of women who voted during the last presidential election.

Quality of life for women also depends on other factors, and Minnesota qualified in a majority of them when pitted against other states. The agency also looked at the quality of women’s hospitals, the state of the preventive care, obesity rate, prevalence of depression, suicide rates, and violent acts against women—including rape, homicide, stalking, etc.

When all these aforementioned parameters are met, a state can offer the best to its women citizens. These types of societies would be ideal for liberating women, where they can claim their lives as their own. Such states also offer the right environment for the women to blossom, thereby helping her maintain sound physical and mental health. This entails the true essence of a woman, and resonates the right spirit of the International Women’s Day, observed on March 8 every year, with a view to accord the love and respect women deserve.

Abuse can lead to mental health issues

Prolonged oppression can lead to psychological problems in people, be it children, men or women. Living with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses can be difficult. However, these conditions are also treatable. If you have a loved one struggling with any mental health condition, seek immediate help from any credible rehab center in your vicinity.

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