Prince Harry opens up about his mental distress post his mother’s demise
Addiction Positive Vibes Apr 25, 2017
Prince Harry opens up about his mental distress post his mother’s demise

Death is inevitable, yet, an appalling event, especially for the loved ones who are survived by the deceased. And when this death comes unannounced, it can trigger extreme distress, accounting for serious and longstanding consequences on an individual who has lost someone close.

However, not many people are forthcoming when it comes to speaking up about their battles or seeking support for their demons as mental health issues are highly stigmatized in the society. One of the bravehearts, who has shunned the societal glitches and has opened up about his struggles is Prince Harry, the younger son of Prince of Wales and Diana, the late Princess of Wales.

Prince Harry, in a recent interview with a leading daily, confessed that after the demise of his mother, he had a very hard time dealing with the loss and he was almost on the verge of losing his sanity, on several occasions.

Years of psychological turbulence

During his candid conversation with the editor, Prince Harry stated that he was barely 12 when he lost his mother and too vulnerable to cope with the insurmountable grief. He spent years in his shell, closing on all the emotions and living a long phase of denial, unable to accept and navigate through the loss.

It was only when he reached his late twenties that he finally sought professional support to deal with his agonies. Prince Harry shared that once he started accepting his pent up emotions, he understood that there was a lot of it that needed dealing with.  Further, he also realized that there were millions of people like him who were struggling with mental health issues and that they would find solace when they loosened up and shared their own stories.

Finally able to process the grief of his mother’s death, Prince Harry said that he is now putting his blood, sweat, and tears into his personal as well as professional life, and all other things close to his heart.


Prince Harry says that it was his elder brother, Prince William, who made him undergo professional therapy which helped him break the shackles of depression. Since this helped him so much, Prince Harry has decided to reach out to more people who are victims of mental health disorders.

Prince Harry is involved with his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in working for their royal foundation  Heads Together. The goal of this organization is to emphasize on the importance of talking about bereavement and trauma. The foundation strongly advocates that mental health problems must be given the same priority as any other illness and no stigma and discrimination should not be attached with them.

Speak up, seek help!

As more and more celebrities are coming out in open about their mental health struggles, it is clear that gradually, things are changing. Mental illness is like any other chronic physical illness. It can be managed and even reversed with therapy and medications. However, one must have the nerve to admit to having a problem and seek professional support for the same.

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