Here’s how to stay sober amid Christmas celebrations
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Here’s how to stay sober amid Christmas celebrations

Christmas is almost there and people are busy getting ready to enjoy the festivities with enthusiasm and energy. When it comes to Christmas celebrations, alcohol seems to set the mood. Most people envisage raising a toast and sipping a glass of wine with loved ones the ideal way to usher in Christmas season.

However, there is also the imminent danger of excessive drinking. Binge drinking or excessive alcohol consumption is a perennial problem that has the potential of spoiling the fun at such celebrations. People are carried away as emotions run high when family, friends and loved ones congregate during this time.

Celebratory drinking may snowball into a habit

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken,” said Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world. Although he had said this in a different context—with an analogy to inculcate the habit of saving in people—it is similar to habits of people who swerve toward substance abuse. Drinking overtly during Christmas can just lead to that—habit forming—and until late, when it turns into an addiction. What starts as a light celebratory drinking can soon snowball into a daily habit.

Therefore, in order to protect oneself from getting hooked on alcohol, one has to ensure a few precautions. Some of these are:

  • Deciding beforehand what one would drink: Whenever there is a plan of a get-together, if one has made a rough plan of what to drink and what not to, half the problem gets dissipated. Others will not be able to force more drinks on someone who has decided where to put the limit. Thus, in such cases, over-drinking is ruled out completely. One can also decide what to drink and to what extent, depending on the level of sustenance. In that case, there is less chance of getting too drunk during Christmas parties.
  • Being assertive: When there is already a resolution in advance, people will be more assertive in saying no to alcohol. People will also shy away from offering an extra glass to those who stay firm in their decision of not crossing the threshold.
  • Being positive: Once an individual decides to not indulge too much or refrain completely from drinking, he/she tends to feel more in control and positive about the situation. This also helps the person in resisting the temptation to drink during parties where there is free flow of booze. Alternatively, one can relish the scrumptious gourmet Christmas spread on the table, rather than diving straight into a glass of wine or whiskey. This will not only keep the individual busy but will also thwart the urge to guzzle glasses of alcohol or other alcoholic beverages.

Dealing with addiction

Addiction is a malady faced by people in the United States. More people have died due to addiction and overdoses in the country than any other causes. However, one must realize that addiction is not a moral failing, it is a disease that can be treated.

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