A former model wins battle with drug addiction
Positive Vibes Aug 31, 2017
A former model wins battle with drug addiction

It seems to be a second life for Lauren Burnett, a mom of two and a successful businesswoman, who had almost lost everything after a near fatal overdose. Burnett, who currently runs an online fashion brand, was a successful model before she fell prey to heroin addiction.

From top modeling contracts, lavish party invitations to celebrity friends – the 33-year-old woman from Jersey, the United Kingdom, had seen success at a very early age. In her mid-twenties, she had grabbed some of the best modeling contracts and had been enjoying a lavishing lifestyle. However, the global financial crisis of 2008 started affecting her work. On top of it, she accidentally overdosed on heroin.

Burnett was not a stereotypical drug user. She grew up in a nice house and had a loving family. She suggests that people with good upbringing and education can also become an addict. Even a small mistake in social life is enough to push a person into the darkness of drug addiction, she says.

Burnett admits to having started smoking marijuana and graduating to heroin in her teen years. Soon, she was a regular at raves and house parties in Jersey, lured by the lifestyle of so-called “cool people.” Furthermore, Burnett accepted that she also indulged in shoplifting so that she could purchase drugs. She always managed to find doctors who would prescribe her medication for various ailments she faked, she revealed.

Burnett hit her biggest low when one morning she discovered her body slumped over the bedside table, on top of a lamp. The bulb slowly burned through her hair to her scalp while she was unconscious. She reported a drug overdose. Due to extensive burns to her scalp, she lost nearly 50 percent of her hair. After three-and-a-half years of recovery and wound healing, Burnett was finally ready to make a fresh start.

Burnett is grateful to someone whom she calls her best friend, for her continuous love and support. Meanwhile, she gave birth to her son, Camden. She underwent a 12-step treatment plan to achieve abstinence from drugs. She has been drug-free for five years now. She also adopted boxing as her leisure activity.

The shades of gray are over for Burnett, who is now a fashion designer, an active blogger and owner of a successful brand. Her story is an inspiration for people with addiction, who have lost hope to enjoy pleasures of life. She is a perfect example how right treatment can help people battling drug addiction resume a normal life.

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