Which type of anxiety disorder are you? Don’t despair, seek help
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Which type of anxiety disorder are you? Don’t despair, seek help

Occasional stress stemming from day-to-day challenges, disturbing events and fear of the unknown is a part of everyone’s life and most people know how to deal with it. However, sometimes, an unreasonable amount of fear and worry turns into an anxiety disorder that begins to meddle with one’s everyday affairs. The impact is visible in academic performance, personal relationships and professional life.

There are various types of anxiety disorders that affect individuals distinctly. These are:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): This is characterized by continuous worry and excessive anxiety for months, at times without any specific cause or reason. It may disrupt one’s sleep cycle and affect concentration levels.
  • Social phobia: It makes one develop an irrational fear of social situations, disrupting his/her social life. Also known as social anxiety disorder, the condition makes one feel scared about being judged and ridiculed and creates distance in social relationships.
  • Panic disorder: This leads to severe panic attacks and the fear of getting panic attacks marked by a sudden increase in heart rate, shortness of breath and sweating. It creates a sense of impending doom and choking.
  • Agoraphobia: This is marked by a fear of places, which may cause excessive fear and panic attacks. One ends up avoiding places like open spaces, travelling in a bus, etc., which are perceived as dangerous by the affected person.
  • Specific phobia is the development of fear against certain objects or scenarios such as travelling on a plane.

Anxiety disorders are treatable provided help is sought in time. There is hope for people with anxiety to lead a fulfilling life if they seek help from an experienced mental health expert at the earliest. Do not let the difficulties bog you down. Take a step forward to improve your overall well-being.