Major symptoms of bipolar disorder
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Major symptoms of bipolar disorder

Many a times, there are situations that make a person feel extremely happy or severely depressed. But, when such unusual mood swings, from being very happy to very sad and low, become a regular affair, it is likely to be a sign of bipolar disorder.

Also known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness that makes one experience unusual shifts in mood, energy and thinking patterns, which, impacts judgment, memory, concentration and sleep levels. The condition makes one go through highs of mania, lows of depression, or mixed episodes.

Some of the common symptoms of bipolar disorder are:

  • Sudden increase in energy, lesser need for sleep, unusual and excessive talk, and racing thoughts
  • Extreme moodiness, continuous sadness, loss of interest, fatigue and sense of grandiosity
  • A mixed episode of high energy and low mood making one feel depressed and agitated, irritated and anxious at the same time. Experiencing such an episode carries the risk of suicide.

Bipolar disorder can be controlled with a combination of medication, psychotherapy or both. One must seek an expert’s advice to lead a healthy and productive life.