VA nominee Ronny Jackson withdraws his name over charges of aiding opioid abuse
Breaking News Apr 27, 2018
VA nominee Ronny Jackson withdraws his name over charges of aiding opioid abuse

Amid growing accusations and allegations, White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, on April 26, 2018. It is alleged that Dr. Jackson provided a huge supply of prescription opioid Percocet to a White House Military Office staff member and distributed prescription sleep aid Ambien to White House staff on a regular basis. Further, he reportedly, distributed prescription medicines to keep media personnel awake on overseas trips. These allegations cast a shadow on Jackson’s seamless ascent to the position, as he is increasingly finding himself in the eye of the storm for his past misdemeanors.

Other charges directed against Jackson, a President Trump nominee, included prescription drug and alcohol abuse and creating a hostile work environment. The two-page document the Democrats are currently distributing named three categories of misdemeanors and was propped by the testimony of 23 colleagues of Jackson, both current and former, with some of them still in the military. Each allegation in the document has the backing of information sourced from two or more individuals, an aide to Senator Jon Tester of Montana claimed.

According to a staff nurse, Jackson had once written prescriptions to himself, and when caught, he ordered an assistant physician to provide him the drug. In another incident, at a Secret Service going away party in the past, he got so inebriated that he “wreaked a government vehicle” in a fit, said the summary of questionable deeds the Democratic staff of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee has compiled.

Jackson supported by White House officials

On the other hand, a few White House officials are throwing their weight around in defense of the nominee and have termed the charges as outrageous. Talking to reporters, Jackson vehemently denied the car accident and said that he had “no idea where that is coming from” and that he did not wreck a car.

During a trip overseas during the Obama administration, Jackson went out drinking only to return intoxicated. He banged on the door of a staff member at the delegation’s hotel so loudly that the Secret Service members had to intervene, warning him against waking up the President, who was staying in a nearby room.

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