University of Wyoming athletics rake in $104,000 from alcohol sales in first year, but fail to meet the target
Breaking News May 15, 2018
University of Wyoming athletics rake in $104,000 from alcohol sales in first year, but fail to meet the target

The University of Wyoming failed to meet its profit target expected to come from alcohol sales during the first season when beer and wine were sold inside the War Memorial Stadium. The university reportedly earned a profit of about $104,000 as against the estimated target of about $209,000 after taking into account sales tax, vendor and start-up costs.

UW athletics had got $504,000 from wine and beer sale between football and men’s and women’s basketball before paying the sales taxes, and splitting the amount with Roxie’s on Grand. Out of the total revenue, Roxie’s smiled all the way home with 45 per cent, leaving UW with the remaining 55 per cent.

Senior associate athletic director for business operations, Bill Sparks said that the $82,000 they spent in startup costs ate through their profits which otherwise would have been $186,000. The UW also had to share an estimated $30,000 with the Division of Student Affairs in line with its commitment to promote education in alcohol safety.

Football games were clearly in the driver’s seat when it came to alcohol sales with a whopping $416,000. A distant second was men’s basketball with $72,000 while, women’s basketball managed a paltry $17,000.

Alcoholism ruining youth in US

Universities in the United States have been receiving wide-spread condemnation for being the epicenter of the growing culture of binge drinking and hazing among youth. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), nearly 20 percent of the college students meet the criteria of alcohol use disorder (AUD).

According to experts, underage drinking, widespread availability of alcohol coupled with inadequate regulations are only worsening the situation. The fact that college students are vulnerable to the vices like alcohol and drugs is often ignored. In general, the first six weeks of freshman year are of more concern because of the expectations and social pressures and this is especially true for students who have had previous experience with alcohol.

Dealing with alcoholism

An individual is often ignorant about the underlying alcohol addiction problem until he/she experiences alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It has been observed that the majority of the alcohol users live in a state of denial and hesitate to seek alcohol addiction support, as they either fear social stigmas or are genuinely unaware of the consequences of their drinking habit.

Apart from causing severe liver cirrhosis, cardiovascular diseases and many other life threatening diseases, alcohol addiction can also trigger mental disorders like depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. Therefore, it is in best interest to seek immediate medical assistance as soon as symptoms of alcoholism start to creep in. Early diagnosis can prevent further damage to the health and aid in recovery. Medically supervised alcohol addiction programs can help in attaining complete recovery from alcoholism.

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