Massachusetts police seize over 30,000 heroin bags, arrest 4 people
Breaking News May 24, 2018
Massachusetts police seize over 30,000 heroin bags, arrest 4 people

In a major drug bust, Massachusetts State Police (MSP) seized over 30,000 bags of heroin in Hampden County on May 22, 2018, and arrested four individuals on drug trafficking charges. According to the Hampden District attorney’s office, the authorities became alert after receiving a tip-off about a huge consignment of drugs entering the area. They stopped four persons on Interstate 391 after witnessing a drug transaction at a self-storage facility in Chicopee. A thorough inspection of the vehicle by a K-9 unit led to the discovery of nearly 400 grams of raw heroin worth around $100,000, and 600 ready-to-distribute bags of the drug worth $12,000.

Officers arrested 23-year-old Paola Mercedes Reyes-Desantos and 41-year-old Fidel Gil of Connecticut on charges of heroin trafficking. Additionally, the police executed six more search warrants, leading to significant seizures and more arrests. Two more individuals — Christian Rivera of Springfield and Anthony Guadalupe, both 22 years old — were taken into custody on multiple narcotic possession and trafficking charges. During the investigation, the police arrested a fifth person — 21-year-old Cassandra Cardona of Springfield — for possession and distribution of marijuana.

Sadly, in recent years, the U.S. has witnessed a sharp spike in cross-border trafficking involving heroin, especially against the backdrop of the terrible opioid crisis that has sent innumerable Americans languishing in the throes of withdrawal. The numerous points of entry (POEs) dotting the international border separating Mexico from the U.S. are known to be prized corridors to transport enormous amounts of heroin, cocaine, meth, and synthetic drugs to the lucrative American markets, where they are sold for greater profit margins.

According to experts, as long as heroin addiction exists, ruthless drug trafficking organizations who don’t care for human life will continue to flourish across the country. So the need of the hour is to educate the masses about the dangers of addiction to heroin and other controlled substances.

Prevalence of heroin addiction in US

Heroin addiction is wreaking havoc on the nation. The drug is not just confined to poor neighborhoods, its use has spread even in the suburbs and affluent areas causing a monumental surge in overdose deaths in recent years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports fivefold increase in heroin-related overdose deaths from 2010 to 2016. The CDC data also shows that nearly 15,500 people died due to heroin overdose in 2016 alone.

Studies indicate that people addicted to prescription opioids gradually switch to heroin because it is cheaper and often easier to access. Besides, both heroin and opioids have strikingly similar chemical structures and have a tendency to bind to the same family of receptors in the brain. However, the good thing is that heroin addiction is treatable with timely medical intervention. If an individual is grappling with heroin use disorder, he/she should immediately seek professional assistance from a reputed drug treatment provider.

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