Coffee sellers across California ordered to serve up cancer warnings
Breaking News May 10, 2018
Coffee sellers across California ordered to serve up cancer warnings

Black as a starless night and sweet as forbidden pleasures, a mug of coffee can infuse euphoria in a weary mind, something that may even surpass the invigorating effect of a cup of tea in the morning or evening. Millions of coffee lovers in the United States swear by the allure of caffeine. However, a Los Angeles judge fears that the hype surrounding coffee could downplay the dangers of ingesting acrylamide, a likely cancer-causing byproduct produced while roasting coffee beans. On May 7, 2018, Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle ruled that coffee house chain like Starbucks Corp., and other roasters and retailers across California should serve up a cancer warning about acrylamide to customers.

The Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT), a nonprofit group, has already filed lawsuits against nearly 90 coffee retailers, including Starbucks, for violating a California law that mandates serving up such warnings. CERT attorney Raphael Metzger believes simply issuing warning won’t serve any purpose as coffee lovers addicted to the beverage would hardly care about it. He hoped that the latest ruling would push coffee sellers to remove acrylamide from the product and reformulate the whole drink, just as potato chip sellers did after they faced legal cases.

Denying charges of violating laws, several coffee sellers across the state said they have complied with Proposition 65 that mandates such warnings. “Coffee has been shown, over and over again, to be a healthy beverage. This lawsuit has made a mockery of Prop 65, has confused consumers, and does nothing to improve public health,” said William Murray, president and chief executive of the National Coffee Association. Although, Starbucks didn’t respond to the lawsuit yet, other names in the case have agreed to post warning signs and pay millions as compensation.

Coffee could be new gateway drug

Research reveals that something widely accepted as caffeine in every American household is indeed a gateway drug. Developing adolescent brain, which is highly vulnerable, passes through a phase where it could give in to the irresistible pleasures of a caffeine-induced dopamine rush, resulting in behavioral or neurochemical alterations. It can cause an urge to seek cocaine-induced euphoric sensations later in adulthood, studies show.

No wonder, caffeine is the legal gateway drug to a flashy life full of glitter, endless buzz and excitement. Besides, people not only form a physical dependence to a stimulant like caffeine, but also get psychologically addicted to it. In such a situation, the absence of the much desired beverage may spell trouble.

Leading an addiction-free life

Similar to other drugs, caffeine is all about an artificial non-stop craving to fit into the established order of things and escape from reality. As caffeine dependence can cause addiction to cocaine, it’s better to avoid regular consumption of coffee. If you are addicted to harmful drugs like cocaine, seek immediate treatment from a reputed drug rehab center.

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